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Mind Control with Your Hypno Mistress

I do a lot of entertaining types of phone sex calls, but my preferred ones are mind control hypnosis sessions. I love the energy that develops from these sessions and tolisten to you shedding your inhibitions and listening to your hypnotic wishes and my controls. 

I receive much emails from customers before we start an our session regarding what will happen. What for a fact is erotic hypno, how does it feel and does it force me to do stuff I really do not want to do?

most of my hypnosis calls are concerning releasing authority, being in my command, being "compelled" to do things, doing my directions and following commands in trance that I instruct you. However, contrary to common belief hypnosis can't force you to do anything that you do not want to, that you find emotionally or physically unacceptable. In other words, I will not cause you to turn into a frog unless you are susceptible to do so. The giving up of control and being "made" to do acts which you would not do when not my control is about giving yourself consent toact on these actions. under hypnosis you get the alternative of saying "no", but accordingly you have the alternative of saying "yes".

Saying yes is granting yourself permission to attempt actions you have maybe bottled up and have sneaking around in the back of your mind, in your hidden closet. By granting me control over you under trance you're allowing the culpability for these acts to another person, to me the hypno mistress. You do not have to be anxious if they are right or wrong or socially all right or something else. I am "coercing" you to do these acts and you get no rule over your actions. This is what your conscious mind thinks, your submerged mind and I know better.

once you're under hypnosis, in my command, you will surely give up those hidden thoughts to me, the secrets that you keep secret in the back of your conscious mind. The secrets you do not share with others, the secrets you harbor even from yourself. I enjoy unmasking these secrets while you are in trance. You give them up to your hypnosis mistress so lightly when you are under trance. I might use these secrets to cause you remarkable pleasure or withhold it. I might allow you to act out these guilty deisres or force you to tell them to your hypno mistress . You do not have any control over the things I do with your hidden thoughts. That will revolve around if I'm using my powers for good or evil that day!


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